Myles Dannhausen

Freelance Writer/ Editor/ Producer


Myles Dannhausen

Freelance writer, editor, and documentary producer specializing in features, small business, and sustainability.


How to Spot a Cow

Bottles of New Glarus Brewing Company's signature beer come off the production line. Soon, all New Glarus bottles will be sourced from Ardagh glass manufacturing plant in Burlington, adding another dimension to the Spotted Cow tagline: Only in Wisconsin. Photo by Andy Manis. Iowa residents are known to drive for hours to buy it.
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Nature Boy

As we age, we often envy the excitement of the little boy who discovers a chipmunk burrow or the girl enraptured by a family of ducks on a pond. Sometimes, we wish we could go back in time and again experience that special joy of discovery. For Door County naturalist and writer Roy Lukes, this childhood sense of wonder has never diminished.
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A Bridge in Progress

Writing what he truly wanted to write was the theme of Norb Blei’s life. And in his pursuit of writing—and of becoming what he believed a writer should be, from his mind to his habits to his clothes—he would (often stubbornly) sacrifice income, bylines, even relationships to pursue his vision of the writer in its truest form.
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Even A Big Boat's Small

Down on Shiloh Road, a few miles outside the city of Sturgeon Bay, there sits an old barn. Non-descript and a bit worse for wear, it’s built snug into a slope behind an old farmhouse, and nothing of its exterior hints that that inside is the home workshop of one of the finest carpenters Door County has known. For most of the last half-century, Norman “Rusty” Lardinois has piled sawdust on this floor, churning out grandfather clocks, cabinetry, and gun stocks custom-made for the shooting style of the men who would use them. But all this he did on the side, for his claim to fame came from his work inside the cramped, unforgiving confines of fine sailboats and yachts of Palmer Johnson.
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Where Old Door County Survives: The Alpine Resort

The Alpine Resort recalls days gone by - old-school cabins, dance halls, jazz bands and the forgotten American Plan vacation.
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Myles Dannhausen

I'm a freelance writer, editor and video producer and have served on the boards of organizations in family services, the arts, municipal planning, school finance, and youth sports. Still, my most valuable education came as the owner of a bar and restaurant, as a high school basketball coach, and as the news editor for an independent alt-weekly, learning on the job in my hometown.

For the past seven years I've done promotional work for great events in my hometown including the Door County Half Marathon, Door County Beer Festival, Peninsula Century Ride, Door County Pond Hockey Tournament and the Ride for Nature to benefit the Ridges Sanctuary.

I like a good beer, photography, the Green Bay Packers, and a challenge. More than anything I love a great conversation and telling a great story, usually in writing.

I live in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood.



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