Myles Dannhausen

Freelance Writer/ Editor/ Producer


Myles Dannhausen

Freelance writer, editor, and documentary producer specializing in features, small business, and sustainability.


Transforming the Trail: City Has Big Plans for Its Marquee Trail

When users flock back to the Lakefront Trail this summer, they’ll find a new experience at a critical entrance that has caused problems for cyclists and pedestrians for years. The city has reconstructed the trail and grounds at the Fullerton entrance, one of the busiest sections of the Lakefront Trail, adding nearly six acres of parkland by filling in the lakefront in a $31.5 million project funded by the U.S.
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Facing the Heat

Risk-averse race directors? Unprepared beginners? Stubborn competitors? Who's responsible for the rash of races shutting down when temperatures rise?
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Shouting Cliches - Door County Half Marathon

For four hours on Half Marathon race day I stand a couple hundred feet before the finish line standing and clapping. I shout encouragement - cliché's like "almost there!" "great job!" or "keep it going!" Link to Story

When Trash Talk Goes Wrong - 26.2 Miles Wrong

A joke of a Christmas present for my brother-in-law seemed hilarious, until he got me back by calling my bluff. Now I'm 12 miles deep into marathon training and hoping I don't hurt myself. Link to Story


Myles Dannhausen

I'm a freelance writer, editor and video producer and have served on the boards of organizations in family services, the arts, municipal planning, school finance, and youth sports. Still, my most valuable education came as the owner of a bar and restaurant, as a high school basketball coach, and as the news editor for an independent alt-weekly, learning on the job in my hometown.

For the past seven years I've done promotional work for great events in my hometown including the Door County Half Marathon, Door County Beer Festival, Peninsula Century Ride, Door County Pond Hockey Tournament and the Ride for Nature to benefit the Ridges Sanctuary.

I like a good beer, photography, the Green Bay Packers, and a challenge. More than anything I love a great conversation and telling a great story, usually in writing.

I live in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood.



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